Monday, July 11, 2011

April & Patrick { Wedding }

Such a sweet, wonderful couple!  Wedding by the North Fork of the Holston River, then the reception at the Bristol Train Station. We were honored to be a part of their very special day. Here are just a very few of my favorites


Jessica said...

Beautiful pictures!!! I can't wait till you do our wedding!!!

lynn said...

your pictures show just how lovely this day was for April and Patrick. What a joy to share it with them!!!

April said...

Yay they are beautiful! Couldn't be happier :)

Anonymous said...

Your wedding turned out beautiful!

Lucy said...

The love and happiness of a once in a lifetime day was captured perfectly!

Ken said...

Great Pictures, nice wedding.

Lisa Browning said...

Lovely pictures, Beautiful Bride!!!

Raymon grace said...

Good pictures for HAPPY memories.

don prohaska said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.
Really enjoyed the picture of Raymon, Robin and Nancy together. Robin seemed to be giving off wonderful energy. Also enjoyed all the other pictures that showed a
the wonderful blessings of a special day.
Donald Glenn Prohaska from Minnesota.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful bride and handsome couple. Looks like Raymon even wore a new hat!

In all, the pictures capture a most joyous day!

All the best to the newlyweds!

Dianne Taylor

Susan Dam said...

I've never seen a more beautiful bride! The day must have been magical. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with me. I am entirely grateful. CONTRATULATIONS!

Susan Dam
Portsmouth, NH

Ed Mykietyn said...

Great pictures! Congratulations!

Hugh said...

Congratulations on your new lives together. Looked like a wonderful wedding day.

Anonymous said...

well now we know what April looks like all grown up, not sure if her mom was in the many photos'
and her Dad I almost did not recognize with the new hat, was sure that he would be sporting his side arms with all the snakes in your beautiful country, thanks for the great color photo's and the beautiful ladies.
Now we know what Raymon will be doing in his spare time when the grandkids arrive.
Dieter Hauke, now a friend of the family, from Western Nebraska, not sure if I could handle the humidity in your world.
thanks for sharing.

Pete from Canada said...

Thank you Raymon very much for sharing the pictures of such a special day. What a radiant couple they are. I specially like the one with you, Nancy and April. You nearly stole the show in your new shirt and hat. :-)
Peter, Margit, Sarah.

jessie heffner said...

Oh so sweet, faces radiating love and happiness, congratulations to April and Patrick, wishing you nothing but the best. Lovely pictures, enjoyed each of them. Congratulations to Nancy and Raymon, you have raised a beautiful daughter, only saw her once when she sneaked in to the Abingdon Dowsers Workshop I attened 3 years ago. Blessings, Jessie Heffner, Waynesville, N.C

dale gottlieb said...

Wishing the newlyweds all the best and a wonderful life together!
Thank you for sharing these great photos.

Sharon Goode said...

What an absolutely beautiful collection of photos! They captured the feel and emotions of the day perfectly!! I'm sure they will preserve the memories of a beautiful day and wedding for all time. You can see the love and happiness in the faces of everyone there.

Evelyn & Clarence Norris said...

The photos do a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of this most special day. April and Patrick, we hope your life together is filled with love, peace, joy, and abundance. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Thanks you for the fabulous pictures. Nancy and Raymon you are truly blessed to have such a beautiful daughter and handsome son-in-law.

Blessing to all,

Glen and Stephanie

Amber Stone said...

Raymon, thank you for sharing what must have been a glorious and prideful day for you and Nancy! All the Best and Infinite Blessings to April and Patrick on their beautiful Union and Life together!

Amber Stone
Louisville, KY

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of a very radiant couple. May you always walk in beauty.


Ron Barone said...

April, We have not seen your for several years. You have grown into a lovely women. You look happy.

It is really hard for a dad to give the bride away. I know because I have accomplished it three times.It looks like Raymon also accomplished the job. Please hug your mom and Dad for Nancy and myself.

Great pictures.

Your friends,

Ron & Nancy Barone

Daniel said...

Now you will feel no rain,
for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold,
for each of you will be warmth to the other.
Now there will be no loneliness,
for each of you will be companion to the other.
Now you are two persons,
but there is only one life before you.
May beauty surround you both in the
journey ahead and through all the years,
May happiness be your companion and
your days together be good and long upon the earth.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding!! Congratulations to all of you! What a wonderful day it is to share in your kids happiness and rain on your wedding day is GOOD LUCK! Memories to charish FOREVER! Wishing You and Your Family The Best Life Has To Offer Raymon!!

Your Friend
Cheryl Kearns

Madelaine J. Watson, MSW, CHT, CIM said...

Dear April,

While you don't know me, I took a course from your dad. Also, I have read his book about you more than once...and am deeply moved with each time.

You are an utterly exquisite bride, and your groom looks full of kindness and humor. Every picture seems brimming with heart, spirit and love...I got lots of joy going through them.

My prayers are with you as you begin this life's journey together.

Warm wishes and caring!
Madelaine J. Watson/Greensboro, NC

Anonymous said...

Beautiful setting and great pictures! Congratulations! John Phillips, Iowa

Michelle McAllister said...

What a beautiful,beautiful day! I'm so happy for you!MM

Karen Price said...

Amazing pictures! Looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

Teri and Matt and Olivia said...

Ultimate perfection! What a beautiful couple and most beautiful wedding! That is the prettiest dress I have ever seen and you look stunning in it! The natural setting for your special day was breathtaking! I haven't seen you since you were a little girl, oh my how you have changed, I can see your mom and dad in you so clearly. We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous life together filled with all the goodness you can imagine!

Anonymous said...

I send my best wishes to the new couple and entire family from Wisconsin. May all your days together be richly blessed the way your family has blessed ours. - Greta Lippert Ranieri

Anonymous said...

Simply elegant. May this couple be blessed with many wonderful years together. Congratulations. =)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. Congratulations to you both. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
God Bless.

Kevin Thoren said...

Amazing pictures,they captured the real moments so beautifully.
I also appreciated the beautiful touches that created such a wonderful setting.
Kevin Thoren

Kim LeMay Lehigh Acres, Florida said...

The Seasons of April..... and the second book begins. You are the essence of the love and nuturing that your Father and Mother has giving you all these years. From that you have become your own authentic self. Beautiful in the heart, spirit and soul as well as your earthly body. With the union of you and Patrick I know you will accomplish many things together with joy and gratitude. And just the right place to join together with family and friends for this joyous occasion. Beautiful photos of everything. Your Dad and Mom look great. My heart is filled with unbriddled joy for you all. Much love to you.

Alice KHuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia said...

Hi ! Beautiful April

Wah! beautiful flowers, trees, river , rain....
Attractive smilling faces with lot of joy and love. Look at the sky of your last piece of photo , there is something in the sky, the sky god came and bless you and Patric HA ! HA !
Sweet and Lovely .

Alessandra Previdi said...

Best wishes of happiness and neverending love to you! A big hug

audrey mitchell said...

Thank you for sharing this special day. The photos are as lovely as the event. Your father is very close to my heart. He is especially proud of you and rightly so. May you and Patrick share a life full of adventures! And lots of grandchildren for your mom and dad to spoil!

Federico Marincola said...

How Sweet! What a splendid couple and a charming wedding!! My best wishes :-)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful couple. The pictures are amazing.

Carole Maggio

Anonymous said...

Beautiful setting. Could be rented to others for a wedding or other occasion.
Great photography.
We wish you all the Best.
bill northern

Nancy Grace said...

Amazing photos of a beautiful couple and wedding. It was a wonderful day. We are so happy for April and Patrick! Love you!!
Nancy (Mom)

Don and Ann Diebert said...

We recieved this e-mail from Carlene. The wedding and pictures are beautiful. The setting was a perfect place. We wish the bride and groom years of happiness. It was great to see Raymond and his family. We met Raymond several years ago and appriciate his work.
We wish you all many blessings!!!
Don and Ann Diebert, Fresno, CA

Ann Northern said...

The pictures are beautiful and what a lovely setting for a wedding.
April was a beautiful bride and we send our love and best wishes.

Gisela said...

From Gisela

Wow those pictures are awesome. Thank you for sharing with me. And my congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom. I especially liked the "victorian" picture of April. Best to all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful energy, wedding, location, people, photos!
John and Lois, South Carolina

Pat said...

The pictures are gorgeous, and the two of you look radiant! I wish you much love and happiness as you make wonderful memories together!!!!

audrey said...

Thank you for a beautiful memento of such a HAPPY DAY. April the PRETTIEST BRIDE and
Patrick the HANDSOMEST GROOM... Nancy, Raymon
and Patrick's Mum and Dad look SO PROUD and HAPPY. I'm sure the NATURE SPIRITS also had a
field day in the MAGICAL SETTING!!
MUCH LOVE to ALL and wishing April and Patrick
all the best in their new life together.

Faye Henry said...

Beautiful photos of a lovely couple. May all your days be as happy and fun filled as this one was.
With much love,