Monday, February 22, 2010


Hey everyone! We are now running our second Facebook contest.

I had been trying to think up something a little special to do this time. I wanted something that was especially for women. But fellows, you can also enter! Because if you win, you could actually take the prize for yourself, or give the prize to your special someone. So here is the next contest!!



Complete with:

* One Mystic Tan - Electric Sun Tanning Salon

* Manicure - First Impressions Salon

* Hair - (styled only) First Impressions

* Make up - by a make up artist at First Impressions

* Glam photo session

* (1) 8x10 print

To enter, you must be a fan. Then just simply post on our wall, and ask to be entered. Same as last time.

However, we are also trying increase awareness to our biz page on here and would like more fans. So what we decided to do is do the drawing once our fan base has reached over 800 fans.

Now, we don't want you to bombard your friends, but if there are people you know that would be interested, then maybe suggest us to them. They might want to enter the contest as well!
It's simple to suggest our page to friends

❶➡ Become A FAN of this Page

❷➡ Click "Suggest to Friends"

❸➡ Send invitations to your Friends

***This will also be a local shoot (Bristol TN/VA) but you can still enter if you are willing to travel to here.

To enter, you must be a fan, then just simply post on our wall, and ask to be entered. Same as last time.
Good luck!!!