Monday, November 16, 2009

An Afternoon at the Park

This time of the year the weather can be crazy. You aren't sure whether or not it will be chilly, rainy, or hot! But, the day we had planned for this shoot turned out to be perfect! These guys are just an amazing, beautiful, loving family. We had a wonderful time doing their shoot.

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They are having way too much fun doing this. haha!

We all got a good laugh just before I took this one


Erin<3 said...

Ben, you really got into the jumping pictures! But they turned out awesome!
Every single picture is just great, Ben I love the single shot of you! Nate your single is cute too!
You guys picked a great loction! It turned out so pretty!

M and D said...

Great these would think they were ours....m&d

Meghan said...

What a lovely family!!! MR

Tracy said...

Great photos! One of these years I'll have some taken!

Anonymous said...

liz said nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! You all look like you had such a great time!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks for sending me this--I was looking for someone to take a photo of us


Sabrina said...

The pictures are fantastic and the scenery is beautiful! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures... you guys look great.

SWILSON said...

What a great looking family!